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How to score a 170 in GRE Quant

It becomes even more important to score as much as you can on Quant if you are from an engineering background so that it can boost the overall score. I'll share a glimpse of the strategies I used to score a 170 in GRE Quant in this post. If you are an engineering student, you might have noticed that GRE Quant questions are much easier to solve than what you may have encountered in your past few years. But what you also need is knowing the right strategies and practicing them over and over again. I used the Manhattan 5 lb book for Quant and highly recommend it for extensive practice. For knowing the right strategies, I watched a few lessons from Magoosh (you can sign up for a free trial here: Magoosh Free Trial   ) and they helped a lot. You may also want to use the NOVA GRE Math text book to get additional practice questions. All this while, don't forget to review concepts and practice questions from the Bible of GRE, the ETS Official Guide. A lot of people say that they ma